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Valued at $5,000.00. No purchase necessary, simply enter your email.

Free Website Offer Terms & Conditions

Thanks for stopping by! I can tell you're interested in winning a free website worth $5,000.00 built by us, Simple Dev Co! There are a just a few things to consider and to keep in mind with this contest.

Website Page Limit

The website we are giving away is limited to the following pages:

Contact Us
About Us


The winner of the website will have a couple different options when it comes to hosting their site online. We can host it on our domain for only $15.00/mo (more here), or we can give you the backup file for the site and you can take it wherever you would like.

Custom Copy

We'll need to work hand-in-hand with you to get some copywriting for the website. The scope is limited, so once the initial copy is on the website, there will be no more than 2 edits included in the prize.


Images supplied by you can be put on the website. If you prefer, we can source free stock footage to upload as placeholders for content you'll add later.

No user signups

This will be what's called a "front-end" website. We won't be creating a database for any users to sign up on your website.
We will, however, create email signup forms for lead generation.

Edits & Revisions

The prize includes 2 copywriting edits and 1 design edit. Once the website is submitted for your approval, we will accept a small list of minor changes to implement before delivery.

Edits & Revisions Continued

Once the website is delivered, there will be no further edits or changes to the site. We do have retainer options available for continued maintenance and content creation and will be happy to serve you.

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