Marketing You Can Do Yourself (And Marketing You Should Outsource) in 2021

Introduction I’ll be going over effective methods of marketing that you can do yourself, and what you should hire others for.  What marketing can you do yourself? What marketing should you outsource? The truth is, you can do it all yourself, but you will sacrifice a lot in the process. It may seem like you’re […]

Google Ads or SEO? Which is Better For Your Business in 2021?

Introduction Which is better? Google Ads or SEO? Today I’ll go over which may be the more effective method to incorporate into your internet marketing strategy in 2021 and beyond.  This will serve as a general overview of the pros and cons of both choices as well as some further recommendations on how to get […]

How to Choose The Right Keywords For Your Business in 2021

I’ll be going over how to choose the right keywords for your business. This will be a general guide to explain how to find the most relevant keywords for your content being uploaded to your website.  Instead of taking the time to do it yourself, consider letting us help your business by visiting or […]

6 Steps to Defining Your Target Audience

What’s your target market? Who will most benefit from using your product or service? How do you figure out who your target audience is? Here’s 6 steps to defining your target audience, brought to you by Simple Dev Co, professional Monterey Web Design. The best way to make sure your business is staying at the top […]