How To Set Up A Google Ads Campaign For Your Professional Service



This is geared towards professional services like Accounting Firms, Legal Groups, Doctors’ Offices, architectural firms, or you’re a marketing agency and this is for one of your clients. The process is similar no matter your industry. 

This will be a general guide to familiarize you with the subject, you can ask me questions if you are missing a step and need some assistance. If you’d rather read how to do this and look at images step-by-step, click the link under the video to view it that way. 

If you’d feel more comfortable, consider working with experts on Google Ads and let us help your business by visiting or shoot me an email at jordan@simpledevco and make sure to include the keyword “simple” to receive a special introductory rate.

Getting Started With Google Ads


Now before you start anything, Google Ads works on something called “keywords”. These keywords are the words or phrases that potential customers or clients will be typing in the Google Search bar. 

The keywords that you use matter. They have to be relevant to your business and reflect the type of business you are, and the services you offer. If you have an architectural firm, you won’t be using keywords like “graphic design”. 

You might want to use keywords like “planning and development”, “architecture design”, “architectural services”, or “architecture firm”. 

So think about the keywords that are relevant to your business, and write them down before you start. Keep in mind that there are a limited number of keywords that you can use with Google Ads, usually between 7-10. So start big, and then use a tool like “Google Keyword Planner” to refine your keywords to find the most effective ones for your business. Once you have those keywords that you’re going to use, you’re ready for the next step.

Go to, and create an account by clicking “Start Now”.

Once you confirm your information, it will ask you your main advertising goal and you can choose to either “Get more calls”, “get more website sales or sign-ups”, or “get more visits to your physical location”. 

Obviously, right now, the best two options would be to either get more calls, or more sales or signups on your website. For this instance, we’re going to select “get more website sales or sign-ups”, and click “Next”.

Type in the name of your business, and I’m going to use “SimplyPut”, and then type in your website address.

It will scan your site, and give you a preview of what your site looks like, and just hit next.

Now, to the most important part of setting up your Google Ads, is the actual ad itself. 

Now, this will mostly be up to you to figure out and write, or if you’re having trouble coming up with a targeted ad, we have professional copywriters that specialize in optimizing your Google Ads, so reach out to us at, or shoot me an email at jordan@simpledevco.

Now you’ll have all the headlines and descriptions to fill out here, I’ll do all the defaults and hit “Next”. You’ll want to do some thinking as to the best copywriting for your ad.

Back To Keywords

Now it’s time to bring out your 7-10 keywords that you wrote down to use, and if they’re on the suggested keywords, just click them, if not, you can select “New keyword theme” and enter it in manually. I’ll go with the defaults for now. 

Next it’ll ask where you want to localize this ad, I’ll deselect California, and I’ll do Carmel-by-the-sea, and hit “Next”. 

Then, select your budget. Now, be careful with this. Google will quickly spend your entire budget before you know it. 


You’ll want to pay attention to the ads and see their results, and it’s a good idea to create another ad with different words and keywords, and do A/B testing with small budgets to see which one works best. 

Once you find that out, then you can increase your budget because you have an ad you know works. 

It’ll then give you a review of your ad, and if everything looks good, click “Next” to enter your payment information. 

Finishing Up

Then, you’ll click “Submit”, and your ad will go into review, and the review process by Google can take up to 24 hours, but I usually get an email notification that it’s live within 4 hours. 

And you’re done! Look out for the next video where I’ll be going over the ad once it’s live and active so you can view results, analytics, edit your ad, refine your audience, and more. 

Simply Put

Simply put, go to, sign in, and follow the instructions, and make sure that your keywords are relevant and researched, and you’re good to go!

Don’t Have The Time? Hire Us

If you’re interested in Google Ads, but you don’t quite have the time, or the full understanding of the way to get the best results, you may want to consider hiring a Google Ads expert to help you. 

We have professionals on staff that can audit your campaign and optimize it, or create a campaign for your business from scratch. 

We do in-depth research to find the best keywords relevant to your industry, and do A/B testing to make sure your budget is being stretched as far as it can go.

Visit, or send me an email at jordan@simpledevco using the keyword “simple” to receive a special introductory rate. 

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